Hate lives in Durango, too

To the editor,

Did you read Connie Schultz’s column in the Durango Herald on Fri., Oct. 27, and think that hate happens elsewhere, but not in Durango?

We would have agreed, except for the interaction we had with a lovely couple in Three Springs recently. The couple came in to see and connect with my therapy dog, as they had recently lost their dog. My coworkers and I were sorry to hear they were moving and horrified to hear why. They were observant Jews, he wearing a yarmulke and she a Star of David. They had just recently had a swastika painted on their garage door for the second time. The neighbors washed it off the first time and the couple felt the Durango Police minimized the event by saying it was probably his eighth-grade math students. The teacher and former New Mexico principal of several schools, pointed out that most eighth-graders are curfewed long before 3 a.m. He believed in his students!

So know that hate and bullying exists in Durango. These four RNs hearing this tale were outraged and apologized to the couple on behalf of the community. As Schultz said: “Yes, it is bad out there, but you are not alone. Take heart and speak out – tap the camera and be sure to capture the hate on film when you can.” Hate lives best in the dark and it is up to this community to be sure to shine a light on it.

– Lynne Murison, Linda Jernigan, Catherine Adams and Georgia Johnson, Durango