Hopes for a better 2022

I believe there should be realistic incentives to keep the Earth’s population numbers down. The one-child-per-couple in China would make sense, again, and all of us need to not have more than one or two children to save our planet.

Although there are a lot of great things in the Build Back Better Bill, I believe Sen. Joe Manchin has rightful concerns. I received a small child credit in the 1990s while working two to three jobs. The overly generous child credit pay-outs in BBB would benefit some, but be abused by others.

If moms were encouraged to have only one or two children and then lift themselves out of poverty with vocational schooling, a functional family typically happens. Tough love from our government providers should be part of the program to make people less codependent by giving financial help to a two-child household or cutting off all funds with a third pregnancy.

Money talks – precautions to only have two children makes a parent(s) think twice about not having a third.

Let’s face it, too many children, rich or poor, in one house can create stress with alcohol/drug/violence and other negative outcomes for family members.

A better future with dignity and respect for all on Earth is not that hard to do.

Sally Florence, Durango