Howl for preservation

The current state of Colorado’s wolf plan is in desperate need of reparation, with the necessary goal of achieving a self-sustaining population. Whilst conflict avoidance needs to be proactive, it’s time to begin reestablishing wolves throughout their native homeland of western Colorado based on established science that recommends a minimum of 750 wolves (or 150 packs). Currently, our public lands are (unfortunately) highly dangerous for wolves, which is unacceptable.

State officials and livestock owners must do their part, knowing wolves are naturally inclined to eat native wildlife (such as deer or elk), but will go for easy opportunities when presented (such as non-native unprotected livestock). Furthermore, science has indicated that wolf “culling” is unnecessary for keeping “populations in check,” meaning trophy hunting is actually only for sport. It’s time to get our paws off the ground and urge Colorado Parks and Wildlife and U.S. Fish and Wildlife to take accountability, preventing a full on war against wolves by reintroducing them throughout suitable habitat in western Colorado.

– Cassidy Thompson, Columbus, Ohio