In defense of women    

Birth and death are part and parcel of our human condition. They can’t be moralized out of existence. A pregnancy is never a guarantee. This isn’t about the fate of the fetus. This is about who has the most “situational” awareness and who has the most realistic ethical moral “standing” to make that fateful decision.     

A fetus certainly is human, but it’s a potentiality, a person in the making. The fetus doesn’t take on the mantle of personhood until those first breaths of life-giving air start infusing its lungs, arteries and tissues with oxygen.    

 In a free society, legally speaking, shouldn’t a woman deserve the right to her own self-defense – along with sovereignty over her own body?     

A just society should clearly acknowledge: “A woman’s life is more precious to her existing family, and to society, than an unborn potentiality.”   

Life can force impossible situations upon people; who are we to judge them? Why not some compassion for the most difficult decision in a person’s life.  

It is significant that abortion is as old as civilization, even Jewish scripture presents the Abrahamic God’s perspective on the crisis in a forgiving, humane manner.      

Entrust women with the responsibility of making their own best informed choices about their own pregnancies.

– Peter Miesler, Durango