It's getting interesting

Our poor, abused ex-president Trump is undergoing yet another witch hunt, generally meaning any effort to hold him accountable for bad or even illegal behavior. On Aug. 8, the FBI conducted a warrant-authorized search of Trump’s Mar-a-Lago compound to retrieve boxes of stuff he took when he left the White House.

Trump devotees were outraged. They threatened FBI agents. The GOP has made a big campaign issue of the bogus claim that all Democrats are by definition in favor of defunding the police. Now it’s the GOP that wants to defund the agency that investigates federal crimes.

The FBI raid didn’t come out of nowhere. By my understanding, the feds retrieved 15 boxes of items from Trump that he took when he left the White House. This, after months of Trump blowing off National Archive efforts to get stuff back that’s supposed to stay with the government, according to the Presidential Records Act.

This retrieval included 184 documents, according to NPR. They included classified, top-secret and ultra-top secret information mixed in with much more mundane stuff like news clippings and “love letters” from North Korea’s vicious dictator Kim Jong-un.

Apparently, there were indications of more stuff still at Mar-a-Lago. My understanding is that on June 3, a Trump lawyer turned over a big envelope with 38 documents and signed off that this was the last of it. Department of Justice visitors were blocked from looking through boxes in a storage room. Thus, the warrant and FBI raid on Aug. 8 that yielded yet another 33 boxes from a storeroom with more than 100 classified records and more in Trump’s office and his desk. They were mixed in with magazine and newspaper articles, even some clothing. There were many empty document covers, many of those marked “Classified.” 

Where did those documents go? Why did Trump want this stuff taking up space at his luxury compound anyway? Is he a hoarder?

A Trump-appointed judge has approved his motion to appoint a “special master” to look through thousands of pages of retrieved items for stuff that might have attorney-client privilege or executive privilege, which Trump seems to think he still has. Looks like a stalling tactic to me.

I’m thinking Trump’s idol Vladimir Putin would love to get his hands on the ultra-top secret stuff, such as identities of our intelligence agents and their sources in the country, maybe in trade for authorization for Trump to build that luxury hotel in Moscow that he’s wanted for many years.

Stay tuned. 

– Carole McWilliams, Bayfield