Lonely hearts club

I sincerely enjoyed (ruefully laughed along and pitiably empathized with) Michael Jennifer’s recent article, “Dating in Durango.”

I couldn’t find any direct links to the author via the eTele or across social media by which to send my thanks/commiseration/laughter/appreciation. 

Michael – shining a public spotlight on your love life took tremendous courage. Your sense of humor is a testament to your resilience!

While I haven’t suffered any accidental nudes, I have self-inflicted my own dating debacles (such as the time I accidently bungled two dates on the same day, winding up with both eligible bachelors seated to my right and left simultaneously at one coffee shop table). Candace Bushnell and Chelsea Handler got nothin’ on me! 

At any rate, from one Jennifer to another, take heart, and may you find lots to laugh at and less to mourn as the search unfolds. The quest is both epic and worthy.

Every time I don’t find “the one,” I rediscover myself and am reminded that I am the only person I will definitely spend the rest of my life with no matter what. Which means my relationship with me had better be the best one of all. 

I close with a deep bow of gratitude to you and to the Telegraph!

 – Jenny Mason, Durango

Editor’s note: “Dating in Durango” was written under the pseudonym Michael Jennifer to protect the identity of the author, and, you know, all the women he encounters (including the “accidental nude” chick). We do, however, hope to receive reports from Mr. Jennifer’s escapades on a more regular basis.