Looking for a new home for The Hive

The Hive has been the realization of my deepest aspirations. Creating a haven for local youth to authentically express themselves and delve into their passions is the fulfillment of a lifelong dream. Growing up in Durango, I witnessed firsthand how easy it is for young people to stray without proper guidance and resources.

I’m profoundly thankful for my upbringing in this wonderful corner of the world, but it’s not without its challenges. My older sister’s struggles with substance abuse, which began in fifth grade and ultimately led to her passing at 34, along with the loss of 14 local friends to similar circumstances, underscored the need for a safe haven for youth. Many of my peers, particularly those who didn’t conform to traditional molds like athletics or clubs, lacked a nurturing environment that encouraged healthy choices.

Early on, I resolved to make a difference in the lives of Durango’s youth, helping them find their paths before it’s too late. While our community has made strides in providing resources, there’s still a significant gap, particularly in alternative spaces for young people.

Eleven years ago, I embarked on a journey by taking on management of the SOS Outreach program. The mission was to introduce underserved youth to snowboarding while fostering long-term mentorship. As time passed, it became evident that a year-round program was needed, providing outdoor recreation, DIY music and more. Thus, The Hive was born in partnership with two amazing co-founders. 

In its fifth year, The Hive has become a beacon for youth seeking alternative activities, as well as for adults who share our passion. Despite generous support from the community, we’re still striving to fully realize our vision. While we’ve been fortunate to establish an indoor skatepark, our lease isn’t being renewed.

Finding a new space has proven challenging. We’re reaching out to our community for help in securing a property where our vision of a thriving space to explore art, music, skateboarding and beyond can blossom. We’ve identified several potential properties, but prices are beyond the reach of a small nonprofit. If you’re able to assist in finding our new home where we can continue to cultivate, grow and thrive, please contact me at kelsie@hivedgo.org.

– Kelsie Borland, Executive Director,

The Hive Durango