Love from over yonder

My name is Sara, and I’m from the U.K. I have no idea where Durango is, but I found your website after going on the 10th page of search results for “Chamonix.” I stumbled across your website, and I must say, your articles are very engaging! I really like the tone; it’s quite jolly and it’s like I’m being personally talked to, and the way you interact with your readers is very cool. I wish my hometown had a newspaper, but I guess we can’t have it all. If I ever go to the USA, I’ll be sure to pop round!

I would buy a T-shirt, but, unfortunately, I’m broke.

I sincerely hope your newspapers are being used for more than firestarter, windows, bird cages, mulch, paper airplanes and piñatas, though :).

Sara, U.K.

Editor’s note: We did offer to send Sara a free T-shirt, but the shipping was cost-prohibitive. We assure you this was a legitimate letter, and she was not just trying to sell us a new website.