Meet DA candidate Eley

My name is Jason Eley, I first made my home in the Four Corners in 2006. My family and I currently live in Durango. I am the Assistant District Attorney for the District Attorney’s Office located in Cortez. I am running to fill the vacancy for District Attorney in the 6th Judicial District.

I have two decades of experience as a prosecutor and defense attorney. I have seen our region change and grow, and the types of crimes that affect our communities has changed. The traditional model of prosecution has not adapted to the way our society has changed. We see more people going to prison, more people in and out of jail, and more people not receiving necessary services to assist in helping them with the underlying problems that lead to involvement with the criminal justice system.

I am running for District Attorney to change this trend. I have prosecuted thousands of cases, from homicide to drug distribution. As a defense attorney, I have also defended hundreds of people charged with crimes. My approach to prosecution is to be “smart on crime” and reduce recidivism through appropriate diversionary programs whenever possible in order to seek corrective sentences to address underlying root issues to help defendants re-integrate into our community.

Very few people involved in the criminal justice system are averse to taking accountability for their » actions and accepting help to better themselves and their community through corrective actions such as restitution, treatment, therapy and community assistance. I want to be District Attorney serving our community to see our community thrive. I like helping other people. I want to see my kids continue to live in the wonderful community that I love and to be able to enjoy going to school and to be safe in our community and live the life that kids deserve to have. 

I invite the public to join me Feb. 24, from 4-5 p.m. at the Durango Public Library, 1900 East Third Ave., Durango, for a meet and greet in Room 1. Please call 970-209-3285 with any questions.

– Jason Eley, Durango