'No' to big insurance, 'yes' on 69

To the editor,

Amendment 69 is a ballot issue everyone should be able to support: Conservatives will have an opportunity to vote Obamacare out of Colorado, and liberals will be able to vote for universal health care for all Coloradans. The losers will be the insurance and pharmaceutical companies with their huge profits and their CEOs’ generous salaries.

Critics of the plan have made badly skewed interpretations of it. They say that ColoradoCare is not health insurance as some people perceive it to be. In fact, it absolutely is not insurance! Coloradans will be paying directly for quality medical care without money diverted through a parasitic insurance industry that sucks 20 percent of it for administrative bureaucracy and profit. Those savings will be used to increase provider reimbursement, which in turn will attract high-quality providers to the plan.

Another argument critics make is that the state will no longer have control over how the money is spent. Exactly! The plan was carefully crafted to separate ColoradoCare from government finagling. Legislators, the governor and lobbyists will not be able to subvert the program for their political gain. Instead,

 will be member-owned by the citizens of Colorado and administered by a board of trustees, each locally elected. The program will be accountable to patients and providers, not insurance stockholders and executives.

Opponents of Amendment 69 say it will raise state taxes to the highest in the nation. Do the math for yourself to see how much you will save. ColoradoCare will replace nearly all your medical costs; no more medical insurance premiums, no more deductibles and expensive prescription drugs, and your tax increase will only be 3.33 percent of your pay. Calculate your savings and decide.

Want to know more? The chief medical architect of ColoradoCare, Sen. Irene Aguilar, MD, D-Denver, will be coming to Durango to present “Understanding Amendment 69” on Thurs., Sept. 1, at 6:30 p.m. at the Durango Public Library.

If Amendment 69 is voted down and we continue with Obamacare or return to private insurance plans, premiums will keep going up, deductibles will keep going up, benefits will keep going down and only the health insurance industry will benefit. Vote YES for Colorado and Amendment 69.

– Harry Riegle, Durango