One big happy family

I’m not even sure how to write this letter. See, Jesus was a brown guy who was followed by a bunch of brown guys, who spread it to a bunch of guys of different hues.

If you are from the Middle East, which we as a grossly Christian nation assume Jesus was, you are likely some shade of brown. 

If you live in Colorado and are a shade of off-white or yellow or light tan or some other shade of pale, you probably occasionally get a sunburn or tan, so you can also be brown.

Now that that’s relatively clear, there was a meeting recently at the Durango Community Recreation Center recently. Witnesses said there were about 20 people who showed up.

They were officially there to fundraise to prevent Durango School District 9-R from teaching the history of civil and human rights in the United States.

A few years ago, I worked to keep a member of Reverend Butler’s white supremacists out of prison. I was getting paid to do that; I’m not getting paid to do this.

These little enclaves of the West that are kind of white are also enormously diverse. I have people of color in my friend circle and in my family.

So, if you pick on people who are a different color because of your short-sighted views, your lack of formal education, your belief that God somehow favors you as a white person covered by a sheet, here’s my sincere wish for you: May you find a place in heaven or hell or Nirvana or whatever works for you, and may you be surrounded completely by people you hate in any of them.May your fear, your hate and your delusions become you in hopes that you might wake some morning and realize that the world doesn’t work your way, and that you are the only thing that needs to change.

Larry Davis, Durango