Organizing democracy

Indivisible Durango will hold its first general meeting of 2024 on Sat., Feb. 17, 10 a.m. - noon at the Durango Library. Come meet some of the local candidates for Colorado State House, State Senate, CU Regent for CD3 and District Attorney.

Our featured speaker, Darcy Hitchcock, will describe her experiences organizing neighborhoods in Washington, Oregon, Arizona and Colorado. Darcy is an author – often of nonfiction, but also of a novel titled “Dragonfly’s Question.” Darcy organizes her neighborhoods, because she understands the importance of people connecting for their mutual well-being. We’ll also discuss the importance of local and state elections and the upcoming caucuses, assembly meetings, as well as primaries. Please bring your energy, your ideas and your friends! Democracy is on the ballot!

– Lora Fults, Durango