Phew, that was close

We supporters of democracy and women’s rights are breathing a big sigh of relief with the Nov. 8 election results. We rallied to shut down the anticipated “red wave.”

Significant credit goes to increased turnout of young voters. Hopefully, even more of them will vote in 2024. They are the ones who will have to live with the results of things that are happening now.

Trumpist, anti-democracy candidates lost in battleground and other states. Voters rejected candidates who wanted to position themselves to overturn election results where voters don’t go for the GOP.

Our wingnut Congressional Representative Lauren Boebert’s supposedly deep red safe seat is headed for a recount. She was only around 551 votes ahead of challenger Adam Frisch. Half of the 3rd Congressional District voters are ready to be done with her antics. But we’re stuck with her for another two years.

In some people, the meager win would trigger serious humility, but I won’t expect that from Boebert. I expect she’ll continue giving the middle finger to the other half of voters. We’ll return the favor.

Locally, La Plata County voters gave the state house victory to incumbent Barbara McLachan. The retired longtime Durango High School teacher beat out the Texas carpetbagger candidate. We don’t need or want Texas values here.

Happily, Colorado remains staunchly blue. Women can make their own decisions about their bodies’ reproductive functions, instead of the government dictating that choice as in too many red states. We proudly stand as a refuge for less fortunate women. And where given a choice, voters in several other states, including conservative Kentucky and Kansas, supported abortion rights back in the summer.

Democracy seems to be safe for now. But the work definitely isn’t done. The GOP will have marginal control of the House of Representatives (much thanks to gerrymandering in states with GOP-controlled legislatures) and apparently will spend the next two years trying to take vengeance on Democrats instead of addressing the country’s needs.

Trumpist extremists aren’t going away. And Trump has announced his candidacy for 2024. Stay tuned.

– Carole McWilliams, Bayfield