Power hungry

How about encouraging children in the U.S. to connect with children worldwide?

I firmly believe this includes innocent children from countries that range from poor to oil-rich; democratic to dictatorial, and any other type of leadership. All of us must come to realize that the adults in the political realm often fail to think innovatively about preserving our Mother Earth for future generations.

Why are there pricey do-gooder conferences where politicians fly in private jets with empty seats and make promises that they can’t keep, if Putin and Musk believe the adults in political rooms are looking to become “new owners of artificial Intelligence and will rule the universe?”

Teachers, please, you are so much better at organizing than most. Get K-12 kids engaged in computer labs with teachers overseas with computer labs and arrange communication in a good-spirited fashion.

Wouldn’t it be nice to know when kids grow up, they will have friends here and abroad to stay safe from wars and other scary, stupid stuff?

Does all of the above sound too simple? Yes, indeed. But why not give positive alternatives to the extremely negative complicated messes now in our daily lives?

– Sally Florence, Durango