Problem not Fox, but antisemites

To the editor,

I worry about Shan Wells. After his latest cartoon, I think he needs anger management with a good psychiatrist. Why? What is considered the worst massacre of Jews in U.S. history, Wells turns into a platform to push his politics. Mourn and remember the dead? Not Wells. Dead Jews are just a prop for him to push his political agenda.

So what does Wells do, he blames it on Fox News. Does the shooter have accountability? Not to Wells, who, if he studied history, would know that Jew hatred has been around at least 2,500 years before Fox. Bowers hated Jews and Trump because the neo-Nazi thought Trump was controlled by Jews. Nothing more and nothing less.

If Wells thinks Fox had anything to do with it, he should look into the statistics of hate crimes over the last 22 months. The NY Times just came out with a report showing that half of all hate crimes in New York were against Jews. Now get this Shan: Not ONE person caught or identified as the aggressor in those antisemitic hate crimes has been associated with a right-wing group. Right wing antisemitism is only part of the problem.

To Wells, Jewish lives matter only when they are attacked by skinhead neo-Nazis. When the Jew is attacked by a person of color or a Muslim or pro-Palestinian activist, his sympathy disappears. Still waiting for Wells’ cartoon denouncing Louis Farrakhan for calling Jews termites, filth, vermin and calling for our destruction.

The problem is not Fox News or conservatives – it is Jew hatred, plain and simple. It exists on the right and on the left. It exists in some sects of Christianity and Islam. It exists among atheists as well. It can be found among the educated as well as the ignorant. White people and people of color can be and are antisemites.

To everyone who reads this letter, if you want to fight Jew hatred, look for the strain that is in the group you identify with and fight it there. Don’t sit back and pretend that it’s only a problem with your political opponents. If you think that, you are fooling yourself, and you are part of the problem.

The typical reaction of the Jews of Pittsburgh was not to call for the death penalty but to reveal that Jewish doctors had treated the shooter. Mr. Wells, maybe you could learn from that attitude instead of a rigid political narrative that has consumed and angered you for far too long. We can dream, can’t we?

– Shelly Perlmutter, Durango