Prohibition redux

A recent article in The Durango Herald talked of a presentation by the Durango Police Department to City Council outlining plans to limit the sale of “airline bottles of alcoholic beverages.”

The severity of the drug and alcohol problem in Durango is so great that limiting only one component of the problem is nonsensical.

Colorado law CRS 44-3-105 allows municipalities in Colorado to hold an election to outright ban the sale of alcoholic beverages or to limit the sales of alcohol to certain classes or types of licenses.

I believe that if alcohol sales were eliminated, a lot of the substance abuse problems facing Durango and La Plata County could be eliminated.

Couple that with strict enforcement of all alcohol and drug laws from the municipal court level to the state/district court level, and perhaps the problem could be minimized to some extent.

Hold your district attorney and local governments accountable for the strict enforcement of all drug and alcohol laws.

Make Durango dry!

– Mike Green, Cortez