Rebuild Palestine

The exorbitant cost to rebuild 90% of Gaza for Palestinians is not going to come from their neighbor, Israel. Egypt, Jordan and other Arabic countries will expect Israel to pick up the tab. Our members in Congress, no matter what political party, would no doubt gag and bag the idea of opening an overly stretched purse for Palestine. This toxic brew has been an issue ever since the Jews settled in Israel on Palestinian land in 1948.

Real estate, similar in the size/geography of Gaza and the West Bank, could be purchased next door in Egypt for the Palestinians. Nations, hopefully, would have the good sense to pitch in and cover the cost of building homes, schools and hospitals.

This idea of many nations helping out 2 million homeless Palestinians pays years 

of dividends to keep the peace in a volatile Middle East. Maybe the insanely wealthy makers of mass destruction could be encouraged to participate in helping, not destroying, 2 million Palestinians.

Better to give aid toward 2 million Palestinians (minus the thousands of children/ innocents killed or permanently maimed since Oct. 7) immediately than have 8 billion on Earth blown to kingdom come sooner than later over ignorance.

–Sally Florence, Durango