Round two for freedom

Amazingly, after a stellar first two years, Congresswoman Lauren Boebert looks like she will polarize politics again for two more. And her track record to-date? All 17 bills and seven resolutions she proposed never passed committee. She is on committee, though, in the Second Amendment Caucus and the Freedom Caucus.

Ironically, she is not supportive of a woman’s right or freedom to choose to have an abortion. Nor does she support freedom for any non-hetero marriage, or for kids to be educated on sex (maybe why she supports elimination of the U.S. Department of Education). Boebert does not support Colorado’s Red Flag law, which calls for taking away firearms from people deemed a risk to themselves or others.

So what does she support? QAnon theories, the Three Percenters far-right militia and the Proud Boys. She also supports the Jan.6 insurrection, the non-separation of church and state, Christian Nationalism, unrestricted gun access, natural resource extraction (gas, coal, uranium, timber) over environmental protection, isolationism as foreign policy, a border wall and restricted immigration.

But that’s not all. She also does not obey laws she objects to, like business taxes, cease-and-desist orders, financial disclosures (her husband’s, mostly) and campaign-finance laws.

So sadly, it appears that we’re in for another two years of divisive, rhetoric-laden, ineffective representation in the 3rd Congressional district.

But we’ll have our freedoms! Well, most of them.

– Tim Thomas, Durango