Sign petition to get abortion rights on ballot

We hope you’ll sign the petition for Initiative 89 to put abortion access on the November ballot. Then, a “yes” vote will amend the Colorado Constitution to enshrine abortion access in Colorado. This effort follows a trend of successful ballot initiatives across the nation. Currently, abortion rights only exist in Colorado because the Legislature passed the Reproductive Health Equity Act in 2022, ensuring abortion rights under state statute.

Initiative 89 would not only change the Colorado Constitution to recognize the right to abortion, it would also allow abortion to be covered under insurance for state and local government employees and enrollees in state and local governmental insurance programs. What this means is that anyone with state-funded insurance – teachers, firefighters, government employees and people with Medicaid insurance coverage – would be able use their insurance to pay for abortion care.

Karen Middleton, President of Cobalt Advocates, says: “This is fundamentally about equity. Abortion should be a constitutional right. This proposed ballot measure has a zero fiscal note. This does not cost taxpayers money. It’s fair, it’s equitable, and it’s something we all need. Coloradans trust people and their doctors, not politicians, to make decisions about abortion. We empower people to live their own lives in a way that’s best for them. We can do this by continuing to be a beacon of hope, both now and in the future, by putting abortion rights in the Constitution. So today I’m asking you to go to Sign up to donate. Sign up to volunteer. Sign up to spread the word to your friends and know that you can make a difference for everyone.”

You’ll see volunteers at various locations around town with petitions. You must be over 18 and registered to vote in Colorado to sign. We have until the end of March to gather signatures. Please sign and tell your friends to look for us!

–Karen Pontius, Durango