Slow down on e-bikes

The conservation easement (CE) lands currently administered by the City of Durango were implemented with the intent of protecting the “natural, wildlife, open space and recreational values” of the land.

Durango’s easements were partially funded with capital from Great Outdoors Colorado, which is steadfast in its language supporting wildlife and protecting low-impact recreation. In its request to review motorized access on CE-administered lands, the La Plata Open Space Conservancy risks running afoul of the IRS and jeopardizing its very existence as a non-profit.

Some e-bike proponents argue that not allowing motorized travel on CE land discriminates against humans. Rightly so! The preservation of these lands is primarily about the preservation of the land and wildlife that inhabit these lands. There are supposed to be less humans on these lands; it is the reason they were protected in the first place.

Please, Durango leadership, let’s not be the community that falls on its sword and wastes sales tax funds by undermining the foundation of the conservation ethic for a joy ride on an e-bike.

–Blake Fredrickson, Durango