Solution to opioid crisis

I am currently running for Colorado’s Congressional District 3 Republican nomination. My Democrat opponent in the 2024 general election is Adam Frisch, of Aspen. I believe it’s time for Aspen Adam to discuss actual policy proposals.

Last year, 920 Coloradoans died from opioid poisoning, along with 105,779 other young Americans of military age. That’s the equivalent of 35 9/11-style terrorist attacks every year. I have a close friend whose son perished after he attempted to give mouth-to-mouth resuscitation to an acquaintance who had just swallowed fentanyl.

Some 90% of the chemicals used to manufacture synthetic opioids are sold to two Mexican cartels by Chinese chemical manufacturers. I have a four-fold solution.

First, seal our southern border by completing “The Wall.”

Secondly, implement massive, escalating tariffs on both Mexico and China until seizures and deaths decline significantly. Consider 50% tariffs on both countries that double every three months. After a year, tariff levels could reach as high as 800%; would you pay $360,000 to buy a $40,000 car assembled in Mexico?

Third, apply the harshest penalties possible to drug dealers who sell poisons that kill our kids.

Finally, triple legal immigration based upon merit. Last year, the U.S. allowed 1.13 million immigrants to legally move to our country. President Joe Biden has allowed 5.5 million unskilled, illiterate illegals into our country since taking office. We’ve checked that box. Let’s invite doctors, (no lawyers), nurses, code writers, etc. to enjoy the freedoms found in America.

I am curious where Aspen Adam stands on these (and many other) issues.

– Russ Andrews, Carbondale