Step up for Ukraine

I know the billions already spent on aid for Ukraine is only 5% of the annual $700-800 billion given to The Department of Defense (DOD). With that amount, there could be a list of budget cuts in their own house to easily send $60 billion to Ukraine immediately.

Mike Johnson, the unseasoned and spineless Speaker of the House, is refusing to spend $60 billion for the two-year war in Ukraine, because The Donald is in charge of calling the shots. How is history going to judge a cult leader/dictator with a recent conviction of rape and fraud, having such → unprecedented control over representatives in Congress, the Senate and almost half of the voting citizens in the USA?

Please, step up DOD. You are a bigger force than an ex-President and should take care of Ukraine’s needs. The future of our planet will thank you for this.

– Sally Florence, Durango