Stop cruel hunting 

Volunteers are needed to gather signatures on a petition for the November ballot to ban trophy hunting mountain lions and bobcats. Packs of dogs with GPS collars are used to hunt mountain lions usually treeing them where they are shot. This cruel practice is also not in accordance with “fair chase” hunting.

There is no bag limit of the number of bobcats that can be trapped and then killed, usually by choke-hold strangulation or clubbing, with their pelts sold to China and Russia.

Signatures are needed by July 4 to put the initiative on the November ballot to stop these cruel practices. To sign or for more information, please visit Go to link for volunteers and sign up.

Also, contact your senators now and ask them to oppose Lauren Boebert’s bill delisting wolves of federal protection. The bill passed the House of Representatives but now goes to the Senate. Her “Trust the Science” bill has nothing to do with science. It would delist wolves of federal protection in all states, opening up the barbaric hunting policies such as running wolves over, bombing dens, poisoning, snaring and torture as happened to the little Wyoming wolf.

Boebert has gone against Colorado voters who voted to reintroduce wolves. Science has documented wolves are keystone species for a healthy ecosystem. They reduce browsing along streams, lessening erosion and causing growth of vegetation and trees giving shade for fish and increasing biodiversity. Please contact your senators now.
– Margaret Mayer, Durango