Stop killing wolves

Several months ago, it was reported a family of wolves were spotted in northern Colorado, which was exciting since the state just voted to introduce wolves. But now, there’s only one lone wolf left. What happened? I assume hunters killed the family, just as the slaughter of wolves happening now in Wyoming, Montana, Idaho and other Western states.

Wolves were an endangered species when Trump delisted them, and the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service is behind the slaughter, using methods of the 1800s by killing pups in dens, dynamiting dens, snares and aerial shooting. This is against the mission of Fish and Wildlife, which is to protect wildlife for the benefit of people, not just extreme hunters. This is wrong and Fish and Wildlife needs to be stopped.

When an endangered species is delisted, this should not give the OK to kill 95% of the population, which is the goal of these states, yet it goes on with the Biden administration doing little. Wolves are keystone species, essential to the health of any ecosystem. So contact the Biden administration and Fish and Wildlife to stop this killing of magnificent, intelligent creatures with complex social lives. And donate to Defenders of Wildlife where you can get a toy wolf as a Christmas gift when you donate, or other organizations: Environmental Action, Western Environmental Law Center, Friends of Animals and others.

Also, news of the presence of endangered animals, such as a wolf family, should never be publicized.

– Margaret Mayer, Durango