Stop the war

Last night, I watched a special on MSNBC with Ukrainian folks interviewed about their participation in murdering Russian soldiers that occupied their territory, and feeding information to their own countrymen about the location of where enemy tanks/weapons were stored. Only one cautious young man kept his features disguised. I can only imagine the three others interviewed, not disguised, will be found dead after this TV program by Russian snipers.

Please God, no more “cloak and dagger programs” with senseless killings and rapes. How many more mothers in Ukraine and Russia do we need to see crying as they bury the their sons, and then watch thousands of Ukrainian orphans whisked off to be brainwashed to sing patriotic songs while waiving mini-Russian flags?

How about getting a vote from current residents in Crimea and other recently occupied Russian territories in Ukraine as to what country they want to be ruled by: Russia or Ukraine? Since China recently came up with a rough draft peace treaty, although no mention of a vote, that’s a good start. Why have this current war be part of a long-winded, endless list of wars such as Vietnam and 20 years in Afghanistan?

If the two warring countries remain stubborn with leaders Putin and Zelensky insisting on “my way or the highway,” this world could easily become a nuclear disaster – for one and all (unless the biggie elites have time to escape to their radiation safe-bunker).

Let’s have a better outcome. Remember – elitist hawks and regular folks everywhere – when you need a plumber, you want them readily available, not all dead, during your own personal emergency.

– Sally Florence, Durango