Talk is cheap

The Red Cross was unsuccessful in bussing out Ukrainians in the eastern coastal section during the time Russia was killing women and children and destroying the entire countryside. After the horrific carnage, Russia left to get a fresh batch of warriors, and there was a safer time frame to bus out surviving women and children. Didn’t happen.
The next Russian convoy could have been easy pickings on the road to neutralize. Again, didn’t happen. Instead, newer troops successfully set up with a commander known for using chemical weapons in areas of Syria. Recently, Russia set off a missile from a silo to warn us of using long-range nuclear missiles next.
The United Nations is still allowing Putin to have a limited presence. There is a U.N. relief commercial with a celebrity, Kate Blanchard, pleading for donations. Really?
Although I have noble family members that sacrificed injury and deaths for our country, I watch in utter amazement at the current strategies, without our troops in battle, used to try to defeat Russia. I get it that our military is war weary of using our brave troops, but if Ukraine asks for weapons, please double the amount each time and help their heroic fighters nip this war in the bud.
If our nation seriously wants to have a democracy in Ukraine, a continued democracy in the U.S. and sustain a peaceful atmosphere in the surrounding NATO countries: Instead of a slow and agonizing Russian victory plus new openings for an autocratic way of life elsewhere, show our super strength, America, and don’t just talk. Talk is cheap unless you act on it for all the world powers to witness.
Sally Florence, Durango