The 2% vs. the have nots

As we goose-step through the latest “crisis of fear,” I can’t help but take a look back in time. As a youngster I would think: “How could those horrible events happen in and around Germany during the 1930-40s?” I soon learned it was an ideology founded upon eugenics and sponsored by international wealthy sources. It turns out that the dictum “War (physical, monetary, medical, etc.) occurs to transfer wealth from one entity to another,” is just that. Although one very good outcome of World War II was the establishment of the Nuremberg Code. 

Investigating the John F. Kennedy murder in 1963 taught me the genuine power of propaganda. There were plentiful mortal and character assassinations during that time that have now been perfected. Truth, truly, is stranger than fiction! Intellectual discovery (critical thinking) has been replaced by dogma via coercive media domination. Those prone to fully accept the common narrative abdicate their decision-making process to others. My take on this is simple. As Hunter Thompson would proclaim: “Cui Bono” or who benefits, versus those offering an opposing point of view. I lean toward those not profiting (unlike the 2%) from current events who also offer ethical and scientific reasoning. Shame on me.

  The Fourth Estate has failed us miserably. Instead of offering multiple points of view we are now “lucky” to get two. Red or Blue, For or Against, Believe or Not Believe. Gone is the gray area of inquiry. The CIA’s Mockingbird Project is now all grown up and thriving. It seems they were jealous of the manner in which China and Russia controlled “the workers.”

  Partial answers: Stop participating. Form a good and decent community, and defend it. Promote civil and critical discourse. Enforce the Hippocratic Oath. Reverse the direction of wealth flow. Seek truth using uncommon sources. Understand that “divide and conquer” is the ruling class go-to card. This is accomplished via outright control of 90% of media sources. Know that if there is a societal disruption that this is a top-down direction. It’s the 2% haves and their minions versus the have nots – always has been.

– Lenny Papineau, Durango