The GOP theocracy agenda

In reference to Karen Pontius’ letter on Sept. 15, our Rep. Lauren Boebert said, “The church is supposed to direct the government, the government is not supposed to direct the church … I’m tired of this separation-of-church-and-state junk. This is not in the Constitution,” despite what the First Amendment says. Centuries of legal experts confirm our founding fathers’ intention: to keep The People’s government free from the control of any church.

Boebert’s close ally Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene recently said, “I say it proudly, we should be Christian nationalists,” thereby openly embracing this white supremacist terrorist ideology identified with Nazism.

Shelli Shaw, candidate for Colorado HD59, embraces and aligns with Boebert on stage, social media and political signs. She moved here from Texas last year with a strong mission to rectify Coloradans’ lifestyles. From her Facebook: “I am in this to fight for the protection of our God-given rights against a government that wants to create a dependent and thoughtless society.” From her website: “Our Bill of Rights is a list of rights given by God, not by government,” so she is committed to “dismantle Colorado’s devasting (sic) anti-life law and replace with a pro-life law...”

Those God-given rights apparently include pushing public funding of religion-centered charter schools such as Ascent Academy. She also intends to “encourage oil and gas production in Colorado” to “unleash the state’s vast energy resources through the reduction of government regulations and restrictions.”

Let’s keep Barbara McLachlan in the State House and elect Adam Frisch for Congress.

– Kirby MacLaurin, Durango