The writing is on the wall

Young and old GOP Durango this is why you should not support Trump. The information is out on him, read all about it. He had said he will be a dictator, has a sexual assault conviction and paid a porn star $130,000 while married. He had a Playboy mistress while married to wife #3 with child. He didn’t visit police in hospital after Jan. 6. He runs a phony college and has felons as friends. He was banned from charity boards in NYC. He was impeached two times and called Sen. McCain a loser. Top secret papers were found in his bathroom when he was not president, and he helped overturn Roe V Wade. He said “hang” Gen. Millie and has pending felony charges. Seven of his lawyers quit him, and he said immigrants are poison even though two of his three wives and his mother are immigrants. He put fake values on property in NYC witn pending court action on and on and more to come.

So vote for the best for you and your family. I hope your sons and daughters don’t grow up like him. 

Where’s Melania?

–Bob Battani, Durango