Threat to democracy

In mid-May, the Conservative Political Action Conference (CPAC) had its annual meeting where GOP movers and shakers plan and strategize for their desired future for America. What’s telling is that they met in Hungary and had that country’s president, Dictator Viktor Orbán, as the keynote speaker.

Orbán has eliminated freedom of the press. The only media allowed are pro-Orbán. We know ex-President Donald Trump would love that. Trump loves hanging out with dictators around the world, kindred spirits. Orbán is one of them.

Orbán has packed the courts, as has the GOP. Orbán has promoted “Christian heritage” and cranked up repression of LBGTQ+ people. The pro-GOP religious right wants that in the U.S. But I challenge you to find “Christian heritage” in the Constitution.

The GOP works tirelessly to expand and solidify single party democracy in the U.S. The CPAC gathering in Hungary shows they are being more and more open about their goal, despite all the GOP candidates like our own Lauren Boebert who campaigns on protecting “freedom,” whatever that means these days. Not women’s reproductive freedoms, it seems.

Following Trump’s ongoing lie about a stolen 2020 election, GOP states are busy making it harder for people to vote in the bogus guise of election integrity and harder for people’s votes to mean anything, thanks to political gerrymandering. And, the GOP is making it easier for partisan election officials and state legislatures to overturn election results they don’t like.

The GOP is rooting out state and local election officials committed to free and fair elections, and running candidates such as Tina Peters, who supports Trump’s election lies and promises to make sure votes go the way the GOP wants. They are the ones trying to rig elections.

On June 9, the House committee investigating the Jan. 6 violent coup attempt made their first big public presentation. Congressional Republicans trotted out various shiny issues to try to distract Americans from how close we came to the overthrow of democracy, instigated by Trump so he could stay in power.

No surprise at the attempted distraction, because a majority of Congressional Republicans did their part to support the overthrow of election results from inside the Capitol – including Boebert, who had sworn just days before to protect and defend the Constitution. The GOP has worked hard to whitewash what happened on that day.

Lots to ponder as we approach July 4 and the fall election, where these anti-democracy Republicans are expected to take control of Congress. The threat to democracy continues.

Carole McWilliams, Bayfield