Vote Gilda/Harrison

Durango is going through a “gentrification event” – question is, who will survive? Which of our friends and family will be here in three years? “Stay in touch!” The renters we know probably won’t be. “It’s been good knowing you.” For the lucky among us – homeowners – the pressure to sell is great when prices increase ten-fold. “Happy trails friend.” Gentrification destroys relationships.

Realtors and businesses will be here, because the average new resident will have more spending money than we do. And business is well represented on the City Council already. What we need are two councilors who will focus on us – the workers, renters, single-home owners and families struggling to just stay here. We understand that we merge with the growing homeless population: elders on Social Security who have nowhere else to go when their rent mushrooms; mobile home dwellers who can’t afford to move their home; students couch-surfing and hoping for a shared space.

This time, vote for the regular folks for City Council – Harrison Wendt and Gilda Yazzie. We have enough business types on there already. Let’s keep this funky little sweet town intact for those of us who like to hike and ski.

– Kirby MacLaurin, Durango