Vote Texas out of Colorado

Texas is attempting to export its unrepresentative and repressive government into Colorado.

Do we want doctors to risk jail time for saving the life of a pregnant woman? Vote for reproductive freedom!

Do we want people in prison for four ounces of cannabis? Vote for decriminalization and personal liberty!

Do we want it to be more difficult to vote? Vote for safe and secure mail-in voting!

Do we want someone representing us who moved here last year from Katy, Texas, and believes that the white guys who stormed the capital on Jan. 6, 2021, carrying Confederate flags, were with Black Lives Matter? Vote for the rule of law, not wild lies!

Shelli Shaw is running for Colorado Representative in our district. She wants to impose the tyranny of big government over us. She is for making abortion illegal even in cases of rape and incest.

By contrast, our current Rep. Barbara McLachlan used her time in the government to make our lives better. She passed legislation that supports small businesses with grants and loans. She sponsored bills to finance public schools, to address teacher shortages, to improve math education and to hire more law enforcement officers. She actually works to build a better future, rather than the GOP aim to tear down social good.

Stand for freedom and common sense! Don’t let a Texan move here and gain public office to restrict freedom and impose lying authoritarianism. Vote for McLachlan as our Colorado Representative.

- Steve Self, Durango