War is hell

The Israeli people and their government and military are deeply and rightly shocked and embarrassed by the Hamas surprise attack and massacres from Gaza on Oct. 7.

The focus on revenge is part political and part military necessities from the Israeli perspective.

However, war is hell, and urban warfare is something so terrible that I have no words for it. It is messy and difficult, and it has a long history of abject failure. The taste of revenge turns to ashes in the seeker’s mouth.

An international and devastating public relations loss awaits the Israeli revenge campaign. And, that outrage will provide terrorist recruiters with generations of eager conscripts for continued warfare and suicide assignments, which is exactly the terrorists’ plan.

While the Israeli invasion into Gaza is being prepared, the target areas are being hit with massive bomb, rocket and missile “softening-up” assaults. That campaign will be led by heavy armor and artillery, all of which will become targets for Hamas’ rocket-propelled grenades, Molotov cocktails and other strikes.

The result of such intense and highly destructive warfare will be very high death and injury tolls among the combatants and a vast number of innocents.

Most of those who initiated and carried out the original attack and massacre will have fled before the Israel incursion, including the leaders and specialists, leaving behind the millions of innocents and some suicide-bent fanatics.

The recent overwhelming and unarguable failures in Vietnam, Iraq, Afghanistan, Syria, Lebanon and a dozen other examples seem to have provided no lasting arguments against the use of urban warfare in this supposedly modern era – and not even with the emergence of AI.

The Military Industrial Complex, especially its arms industry, is the likely victor.

– Hal Mansfield, Green Valley, Ariz.