What Putin needs to do

A few weeks ago, an Elon Musk rocket headed up to the space station with a diversified crew, including a Russian. In the last week, another Musk rocket took off 200 miles north of San Diego with supplies for the space station. Each rocket consumes 700 gallons of fuel per minute. I think Putin should pay for the gas.

Same week, a tennis tournament at Indian Wells, close to San Diego, had a Russian play in the finals at Indian Wells, losing to a Spaniard. I think Putin should contribute money to all the worldwide tennis tournaments this Russian has made millions of dollars from.

Putin still has an unbelievable seat in New York at The United Nations. I think he needs to vacate, until he starts peace talks with Ukraine.

Methinks Putin needs to stop the threats of a nuclear war and start apologizing to the 315,000 mothers in Russia that have already lost their sons or husbands in Ukraine; ditto to mothers in Ukraine who have also lost loved ones since 2014. He should settle for Crimea and let his bro, The Donald, move permanently away from the USA to build towers with golden showers he already experienced in Moscow.

–Sally Florence, Durango