When will it end?

Ever since the homeless campsite at Purple Cliffs closed in September, the people that lived there are spread out within downtown. I had an experience several years ago where a guy slept with porch cushions on my front door, which was opened by my scared daughter who needed to go to Park Elementary. I really don’t think the tickets for trespassing ever got an appearance at the County Courthouse.

What the homeless deserve, at the least, are porta-potties close to where they are camped out and at the County Courthouse, which is close to the warming center located at Durango Christian Church, 225 E. 11th St. (which is closed five days a week).

I am not the only one that shovels you-know-what on top of snow a few blocks away from the warming center.

Hopefully in this brand new year, real problem-solvers – instead of the outside consultants that received $70,000 to supposedly solve the homeless issue and didn’t – will come up with a great plan after two decades of locals, tourists and people experiencing homelessness watching this sad scene get worse and worse each year in Durango.

– Sally Florence, Durango