A change of gears

What's not to be thankful for when surrounded by friends, food, bikes and lots and lots of singletrack? Last weekend was perfect for giving thanks for all things outdoors in the red rock country surrounding Sedona, Ariz. With 80 trails covering 116 miles, the area offers plenty of options for working up an appetite or burning off that extra helping of stuffing or pumpkin pie. And with December's temperatures south of the border averaging a high of 57 degrees, it's not too late to plan a Christmas ride, too.

One could do much worse than Sedona's signature red sand and spires for two-wheeled adventure.

Miriam Rollason making a harmonic convergence with the trail.

It's not Arizona without desert flora.
Colorful backdrop or energy vortex? You decide.
Sarah McCarthy working out the kinks and communing with her surroundings.