Back on track

We’ve all been feeling a little suffocated lately with smoke forcing us inside, windows closed, into a hermitlike existence. That claustrophobia was made even worse when our forests and trails were recently closed due to fire risk and lack of available emergency personnel. Last week though, we were given the gift of freedom back. The San Juan National Forest and City of Durango determined it was safe to frolic about the forest (with restrictions). Some of our favorite trails were waiting patiently for us, including Purgatory Flats, loved by many for its open fields, lush flora and intersections with Cascade Creek. Whether it's here or somewhere else, it's good to have the freedom to get back out in the fresh air and enjoy our public lands.


Cascade Creek might be low, but it's still a great place to cool off.

It feels good to be back in the lush greenery of the San Juans.
Potato Hill overlooks the Purgatory Flats meadow under smoke-free skies.
Trees, grass and even oxeye daisies (almost) are a welcome sight along the trail.