Beer Thirty

Double double toil and trouble. Or rather, at the San Juan Brewfest last Saturday, it was double (fisting), double (IPA), toil (in trying to hit up every booth) and trouble (“what did I do?”) With 54 breweries to choose from, how could one not double up on beers and toil in tasty consumption? Beer lovers packed themselves into Buckley Park to enjoy the unique and delicious flavors of their favorite beverage from as far away as Wisconsin, Chicago and Boston and as close to home as right down the street. Best of all, all that day-drinking had a purpose with United Way as the beneficiary, so malt lovers could feel good about happily tasting the day away.

The ladies from Telluride Brewing Co. pass out tasters and smiles.
The 5-oz teaser glass we've all come to love.
Beer lovers unite!

A balanced taste of hops and a note of bubbles.

What's not to smile about?