“Hello? Who’s there?? What’s that noise?” Is that the spirit world gently rap-rap-rapping on your window? Or maybe it’s a man wearing a blood-stained hockey mask? Yes, All Hallows’ Eve is full of inexplicable non-sense. And you know you’ve fallen victim when being alone near a mirror is suddenly scary. Here’s an ode to everyone’s favorite pagan holiday, Halloween. Because in just the right light, even the most mundane every-day objects become terrifying.

100-year-old headstones mark the grave site in the old Hay Gulch cemetery. Perhaps these old souls pays a visit to nearby residents on a certain October night. 
Nothing evokes a sense of soul displacement more than abandoned bunkbeds out in the country. 
Don't let the big eyes fool you. The doll in a Third Ave. yard is easily the most haunted piece of plastic out there. Just ignore her whispering pleas. 
Forgotten train cars in the back of the rail yard. Let your imagination run wild!

The Rochester Hotel, Room 204: One need only picture the poltergeist, perhaps a young woman dressed in Victorian garb, hovering bedside to become genuinely freaked out.