Coffee Talk

It's rare that anyone can ever sit down and take a moment to actually taste their coffee. The floral or nutty undertones always go unnoticed and very few actually care what kind of beans were used to make that cup-a-joe. The folks at Desert Sun do care though, and they want everyone else to, too. Last Sunday, the Desert Sun crew teamed up with Animas Chocolate Co. for the first Coffee Connoisseur Series to teach coffee lovers why they love coffee so much and what it is that makes each bean special. After a lesson on all things coffee, a batch was roasted in-house and eager palettes got to taste the results. In the end, connoisseurs-in-training left with a better understanding of their favorite beverage and maybe a little case of the shakes.


Danielle San Marco takes a whiff of green beans before they are roasted.
Mary Vahey, left, and Marisa Cardin try to compare the taste of their coffee to the color wheel during a cupping.
You can't get fresher than beans right out of the roaster.
Head roaster at Desert Sun, Liz Nelson, gives out samples of single-origin coffees for tasting at Animas Chocolate Co. on Sunday.
Carefully orchestrated pour-overs are all the rage, and make really delicious coffee.