Cowboying Up

No doubt Durango has fire on the brain. It's hard to think about anything else these days when flames loom up north and smoke is settling in every crevice. Our hearts are heavy and our concerns remain in Hermosa, but Durango has never been pushed down before, and we won't be this time, either. Many folks this week are still holding their heads high, including the Durango Cowboy Poetry crew who, in spite of less-than-ideal circumstances, held the 4th annual Barn Dance and Picnic at Rotary Park on Sunday evening. The event is a fundraiser for the Durango Cowboy Poetry Gathering, which will host its 30th annual come fall. The evening featured cowboy poet Lindy Simmons, barbecue, beverages and the sounds of the Tim Sullivan Band, which gave everyone a reason to pick themselves up, dust off their boots and dance the night away.


Cold beverages in the shade are a sure cure for the smoke.
Come one, come y'all.
The Tim Sullivan Band helped kick off the 4th annual Barn Dance and Picnic at Rotary Park on Sunday.
Do-si-do then do some mo.