Cruise 'n' Brews: Wednesday night races come to Ska

It’s called the Durango dilemma: Bike? Ride? Boat? Climb? Sometimes, especially in the summer, the possibilities are endless. Fortunately, so are the days. Last week, local cyclists found a way to combine at least two of the their favorite pastimes – beer and bikes–when Durango Devo's Zia Town Race Seriestook place at Ska Brewing. The circuit races weaved around – and momentarily through – the brewery, giving competitors the technical challenge of slick floors and quick maneuvers. The race included categories for coaches, novices and professionals, and when the races were done, there was even a beer-drinkers category. The Zia Town Series goes until the end of summer, so there’s still plenty of time to grab a burrito, race your heart out and celebrate with a cold beer. 

Twists and turns in the course created technical challenges.
Payson McElveen heads into a turn with Howard Grotts on his wheel.

Megs Johnson takes to the pallet drops after exiting the brewery.

Rotem Ishay, left, battles it out at the start with Todd Wells.