Culinary kids

The tables were turned in Dolores on Monday and Tuesday, when local kids harvested, prepared and then served meals to many area residents. The occasion was the third annual student-run “restaurant,” which took place at the Dolores River Campground. The two day event is a partnership between Dolores Elementary School and the Montezuma School- to-Farm Program, in which kids harvest fruits and veggies from the school's garden and then make enough food for two lunches and a breakfast. The students had a hand in all operations, from menu preparation and cooking to meeting, greeting and serving. In all, it’s a recipe for healthy and happy kids, and even happier parents.

Adeline Dettloff helps clear the table occupied by her mom, Diane.

A salad featuring lettuce harvested straight from the school garden.

Third-grader Evan Woody carefully carries a tray of food to a dining guest.
Patrick Alford, of the Montezuma School-to-Farm Project, takes orders for lunch.