Different strokes

We can all thank Bob Ross for planting an artist seed into our hearts. His happy trees and clouds inspired many art lovers, and now in Durango, we can learn to dab away with paint on canvases just like Ross did. “Picasso and Vino” provides traveling painting classes around Durango and Pagosa Springs. The classes, such as this one held at the Durango Arts Center last Sunday, are taught by guest art instructors and are offered at various venues or for private parties as well. So whether you're a modern day Van Gogh or only have experience in finger painting, with a canvas, paintbrush and a little wine, everyone's trees, birds and clouds can be happy. For more information and class schedules, go to www.picassoandvino.com

Art instructor Jada Roberts offers some pro painting hacks.

Natalie Thomas brings out her inner Picasso at the Durango Arts Center on Sunday.

The classes make for great dates or GNOs.
Moons are the first to appear on the scenic canvases.
The humble beginning of a mountain.