Eat & Run

It's hard to say what is truly "American,” but every Fourth of July people in the United States get together to celebrate the birth of our nation with fire-works, parades and, of course, competitive eating. In Durango, ever the active community, this concept is taken one step further with the Durango Running Co.’s “Hot Dog Mile.” As the name suggests, the now-annual event, entails participants running four quarter-mile laps through the store, consuming a hot dog after each lap. This year the event was packed with folks willing to take on the challenge and channel their inner Joey Chestnut. And for those who wanted to raise the bar, there was even the “All American” division, which included hot dog toppings and a beer. Needless to say, Chestnut’s record is safe for now, with a few runners tossing their dogs before the party even started. And what's more American than that?


After a purging (and the required penalty lap), Shaun Burke takes his victory stance.

Yes, there was also running.
Mike Bienkowski goes in for another dog
Judges make sure there's no squirreling before continuing the race.
It takes a lot of guts for Patrick Dawson not to spill his.
Diego Novoa lets gravity do the trick.
A participant braces herself for another bite while her teammate cheers her on.
Kyle Curtin gives fast food all-new, disgusting meaning.