Falling for you

Even though the official first day of Autumn was barely a week ago, fall has shown up in full force with winter tip-toeing close behind and onto the tops of our hometown mountains. Flora that was green just a week ago has now turned fiery colors or has already made its way onto the ground. Snow fell in heaps over the La Platas and even a few sprinkles closer to town with Purgatory Resort getting a small blanket – though not enough to report. And the best way to enjoy it all? Get out there, take it all in, and then go home, wrap yourself in a cozy blanket and sip some warm pumpkin spice.

A classic Colorado fall vista.

A dog stops to smell the squirrels in the soft afternoon glow.

Although most stands have changed, there are a few holdouts
Hiking in the aspen.
The golden leaves that bring people flocking