Getting trashed

Throughout the summer, folks flock to the Animas River, whether it be for a leisurely float, a refreshing dip or a picnic on the river's banks. So it's good to know there are groups, such as the Young Professionals of Durango, Animas River Days and Trout Unlimited, to name a few, who regularly volunteer to pick up our litter so the river can continue to glitter. Last Sunday, a couple dozen folks gathered for YPOD’s, “iClean the Animas,” and with the help of Durango Rivertrippers, floated the town run on a serious trash mission. The crew amassed everything from lone flip flops and empty beer cans to discarded tubes and forgotten poo bags. So next time you take notice of how clean our river is, you can rest assured it was done by a professional.

Wyatt Smith pulls out garbage bags for his team.

Mckenna Thurston, left, and Heather Kugle tag team filling up a garbage bag at Paradise Beach, across from the high school.

Hannah Korman offers her husband, Dan Korman, a poopy present.
Sarah York finds trashy treasures.
Volunteers get cozy before floating downstream to the next clean-up spot