Going Coastal

The sweltering heat of summer has arrived in Southwestern Colorado and taken vengeance on our lawns and afternoon outdoor activities. But before you cower inside in defeat, perhaps it's time to hit the open road. There's nothing like a change in scenery to refresh the body and spirit. Plus, a summer roadtrip is practically our god-given right as Americans. So whether you go by Winnebago, Westfalia, or wagon, get out of Dodge with and see what's beyond those city limits. Best of all, by the time you get back, maybe the monsoons will have arrived, and you can fall in love with your home, and your own bed, all over again.

Travelling in style<br>

A classic VW van will ensure you may not travel fast, but you'll travel in style

Grand Prize<br>
The grand prize for all those miles: the endless horizon of the Pacific Ocean
A visit to fern gully<br>
A visit to fern gully