Gone to Press

As crisp mornings give way to shorter days, harvest season has begun. In Montezuma County, this year’s apple crop has been remarkable. With more fruit than can be harvested, orchard owners have their hands full keeping up with the yields of a highly productive growing season. Among those taking full advantage is Mancos’ Outlier Cellars, pressing apples around the clock in an attempt to put a small dent in this year’s bumper crop. Curious about experiencing the complex flavors of rural SW Colorado in cider form? Outlier Cellars is open for tastings in downtown Mancos. Here’s a look:


Sarah Miller, of Miller Orchards in Mancos, clears the line. 

Miller scoops loads od asper jelly crabapples on deck to the press. 
Delicious amber apple juice drips from the rack during a press. 
Perfectly ripe Idared apples on their way to the press. 
Andrew Angle elbow-deep in a rack full of apple pulp 
Luna helps with clean-up