Gourds gone wild

As if there aren’t enough obvious signs of the season, the annual rite of fall, pumpkin festivals, have sprouted up all around the area. Places like the Falfa Pumpkin Patch near Elmore's Corner, Jones Farm in Cortez or Sutherland Farms in Aztec offer family friendly festivities until the pumpkins run out. Or for a full-on endeavor, the train can choo-choo you a half-hour north to the Peanut Pumpkin Patch to romp around in search of the perfect jack-o-lantern. Whichever one you decide to pick, there is sure to be a scary good time had by all, with pumpkin seeds aplenty to last the whole winter through.

Row upon row of orange gourds awaits picking.
All aboard the pumpkin express at Sutherland Farms in Aztec.

Lili Ruecker displays The One.

A well-deserved rest after a long day of pumpkin picking.
Sometimes it's about accepting the whole pumpkin, warts and all.